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List of Units

For those seeking information on a particular R.A.F. beach unit, this page provides direct links to each one (where information is currently available).

There were differences between units formed at different times and in different places. R.A.F. beach units were continually evolving and changing as a result of experience gained and the requirements of different operations. Units were disbanded and reformed into new units or, in some cases, simply renamed. This can cause confusion at times (see ‘Confusion, confusion! When is a beach unit not a “Beach Unit”?’).

Similar units have therefore been grouped together and information is provided at the group level that is general to the units in that group.

U.K. Beach Units, early 1943

No. 68 R.A.F. Beach Unit

No. 69 R.A.F. Beach Unit

No. 70 R.A.F. Beach Unit

No. 71 R.A.F. Beach Unit

No. 76 R.A.F. Beach Unit

No. 77 R.A.F. Beach Unit

U.K. Beach Units, late ‘43/early ‘44

No. 1 R.A.F. Beach Unit
    101 Beach Section
    102 Beach section

No. 2 R.A.F. Beach Unit
    103 Beach Section
    104 Beach Section

No. 3 R.A.F. Beach Unit
    105 Beach Section
    106 Beach Section

No. 4 R.A.F. Beach Unit
    107 Beach Section
    108 Beach Section

Middle East Beach Bricks 1943

31 Beach Brick, R.A.F. Component

32 Beach Brick, R.A.F. Component

33 Beach Brick, R.A.F. Component

34 Beach Brick, R.A.F. Component

35 Beach Brick, R.A.F. Component

36 Beach Brick, R.A.F. Component

North African Beach Units,
 Jun-Aug 1943

No. 1  Auxiliary Embarkation Unit
No. 2  Auxiliary Embarkation Unit

No. 3  Auxiliary Embarkation Unit

North African Beach Units,
 Aug-Oct 1943

No. 81  Auxiliary Embarkation Unit
No. 82  Auxiliary Embarkation Unit

No. 83  Embarkation Unit

U.K. Beach Units, Apr. ‘44 - Aug. ‘44

No. 1 R.A.F. Beach Squadron
    101 Beach Flight
    102 Beach Flight

No. 2 R.A.F. Beach Squadron
    103 Beach Flight
    104 Beach Flight

No. 3 R.A.F. Beach Squadron
    105 Beach Flight
    106 Beach Flight

No. 4 R.A.F. Beach Squadron
    107 Beach Flight
    108 Beach Flight

Mediterranean Beach Units
 end of 1943

R.A.F. Beach Group,
Central Mediterranean Force
    81 Brick
    82 Brick
    83 Brick

Mediterranean Beach Units 1944

No. 5 R.A.F. Beach Unit
    109 Beach Section
    110 Beach Section
    111 Beach Section

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South East Asia Beach Units 1945

No. 6 R.A.F. Beach Unit

No. 7 R.A.F. Beach Squadron


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