Combined Operations Badge (embroidered cotton)

WW2 Combined Operations

A big site that includes information about the R.A.F. Servicing Commandos and the Fighter Direction Tenders amongst a wealth of other information about Combined Operations.

Personal Memoirs

R.A.F. Bomb Disposal in Normandy
The story of the CO, F/Lt Wyn Cartwright
R.A.F. Bomb Disposal Flight 6225

No. 2 R.A.F. Beach Squadron
David Teacher of No. 103 Beach Flight
A Few Memories of my time in the R.A.F. during WW2

No. 4 R.A.F. Beach Squadron
Some words from Ron Plater about his third D-Day
My D-Day Memory

483 (later, 83) Group Control Centre
D-Day recollections of Bernard (Taffy) Morgan (two links)

Bernard (Taffy) Morgan Code and Cypher R.A.F.
'I watched D-Day carnage unfold'

R.A.F. on Omaha Beach
A detailed account by Corporal Eric John Heathcote
Report on the Landing in France of the First Echelon of 21 BD sector on D-day, 6 June 1944

Another remarkable story - an R.A.F. wireless operator attached to U.S. 1st Division
Arnold Palin from Crewe

R.N. ‘J’ Commando
The story of Jack Gaster, Assistant Beachmaster of ‘J2’, the Item Green beach party (Le Hamel/Arromanches, Normandy), June to August 1944.
The Millionaire Mob

Community/Reunion Sites

RAF Servicing Commando and Tactical Supply Wing Association

Balloon Barrage Reunion Club


The National Archives - a treasure trove of detailed information.

General WW2 Interest

WWII, a British Focus
WWII memories, armour War Diaries, Cairo, Termoli, Primasole


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